Sponson Pontoon and The Floaters

Thanks for making Sponson Pontoon and The Floaters' version of "Louie Louie" the "Louie of the Week" for November 15, 2011 at LouieLouie.net !

"Sponson Pontoon and The Floaters" was a garage band made up of guys who worked together at KIMA-TV in Yakima, WA. Larry Baker (the singer on Louie Louie) is friends with Barry Curtis of The Kingsmen, so he invited to Barry sit in with us for "The Pig Party" (which actually took place in the summer of 1979 rather than 1980 as shown on the CD label).

Here are a couple pics of the band playing the infamous Pig Party, which was a giant BBQ featuring a whole pig, hence the name. As you can see, we are literally playing in a garage which has doors on both ends. It's a warm summer night and the crowd is outside on the driveway and lawn in front of the open door at the other end of the garage.

L-R: Barry Curtis, John Smestad, Steve Tytler

L-R: Barry Curtis, John Smestad

Doug Bennett

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Larry Baker at the Pig Party, so here are a couple pics of the band playing a Halloween Party in the KIMA-TV studio a year later, with Barry Curtis once again sitting in.

L-R: Larry Baker, Barry Curtis, Doug Bennett, Steve Tytler (back to camera), John Smestad

L-R: Barry Curtis, A.K. Lienhart (guest singer on "Boys"), Doug Bennett, Steve Tytler